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About Orlean Invest is deeply committed to managing its activities in a responsible and sustainable manner.
We strongly believe that competitiveness as a company rests on having transparent relations with all stakeholders, so a method known as the Integrated Participatory Approach is applied whereby goals and benefits are mutual. Orlean Invest’s Mission Statement to create an environment in which the host communities and the company became fundamentally independent; where understanding is mutual and commitment to growth and development is total.
About The mission Statement includes the following main objectives:
  • To empower the inhabitants of the host communities, in a sustainable way, through the provision of employment and improved welfare;
  • To plan and execute Integrated community development programs with the full input and participation of the residents;
  • To adopt ‘best practices’ that guarantee community-friendly operation.
About As a matter of principle, the company believes all private sector businesses have a moral obligation to be inclusive of their host communities and to contribute as generously as possible to their welfare. Beyond offering employment opportunities, Orlean Invest sponsors development projects (for example roads, schools and boreholes), scholarships, vocational training, local sports and local community events. The intels ‘Free Medical Outreach' is a recent initiative which has had a major impact on the provision of healthcare in local communities.